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In the Preface to their book General Gynecology: The Requisites in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Drs. Andrew and Eric Sokol state that the.
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Complete and submit the form. Admission To Test Centers. Test centers will provide white boards for notes during the examination upon request. While my intention was always to be a physician, I had to settle down my wild side first. Since I worked full-time as a nurse while I went to college, the hospital that employed me reimbursed me for most of my tuition.

While I was most fascinated by obstetrics, I learned to love gynecology and surgery during my training. This field takes care of women throughout the decades and offers an opportunity to manage women through some of their most distressing times. Thankfully, most of the problems can be resolved relatively easily and the patients are generally healthy. Specializing in sexual medicine is a function unique to only a few who are willing to spend the time and have the sometimes long discussions. I couldn't think of another job I would rather be doing—it is a perfect fit for my personality.

You see, after playing football for 10 years, and captain of my teams in high school and college, I went to Cornell Med School, dreaming to combine my love of sports with a career and become an orthopedic surgeon. But after working with the team doctor for the New York Giants, I began to wonder And, after a while, it seems like it's the same operation over and over again: total knee replacement, or total hip replacement. I began to question whether this field could offer enough diversity and intellectual challenge to engage me for an entire career.

But, I didn't love pediatrics because sick children break my heart, and kids usually can't tell you a good history. Psychiatry was out, because I couldn't cure mental illness with a reliable treatment that didn't also cause many side effects, but I loved surgery because with the right expertise and skill, you could actually cure patients of their diseases with the right operation. Plus, I get to see her before, during and after pregnancy, and through her reproductive years, so there is continuity of care and an opportunity to build relationships.

It's really the best of all worlds, and there is nothing like bringing new a life into the world. I liked medicine and surgery and this is really one of those fields where you can do both—I can use my hands and mind together. When I started medical school, I had a sense I wanted to do ob-gyn but, when I did the rotation, it was very clear to me that I was very happy. I got to deliver babies and do surgery and talk to women about their life aspirations. I do fertility, so I very much help women who want to be able to have babies.

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Women really evolve as they go through the life cycle, and I like that you can take them through the life spectrum. But I later realized that pediatrics has to more with talking to parents than kids. In medical school, you get to try out different fields, and ob-gyn was the best thing ever. I totally would encourage people to do it.

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