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The Magical Worlds of Narnia book. Read 32 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. After revealing the inspirations behind Harry Potter a.
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Have they devoured them multiple times? Here are some ideas about where they could turn next Cosy badger burrows, epic battles, lashings of tea and cake and legions of mythical creatures - and with wartime England grumbling in the background - the Chronicles of Narnia series is a huge part of British cultural heritage.

To date, the Narnia books have sold over million copies and been transformed into three major motion pictures.

The Magical Worlds Of Narnia - A Treasury Of Myths And Legends

But what can fans who have devoured the books read next? Which stories will they love in the same way? We have some suggestions There are so many threads in the richly woven, comforting and thrilling quilt of wonderment that is Narnia that it provides a number of possible themes to follow up. She lived with Bushmen as a child, another daughter of an anthropologist.

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Perhaps top of the list for those looking for an homage to The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe is Piers Torday's sensitive and beautiful The Lost Magician , which takes the theme of four brothers and sisters finding themselves taken to a large country house and stumbling upon the fantasy story-world of Folio. Torday's take on Narnia is more of a meta-story about libraries, reading, fact and fiction, retaining the classic English feel of the original series and set during World War Two, but with subtle modern sensibilities.

If Narnia readers are left with a yearning for more witches, they could try Robin Jarvis's atmospheric and spooky fantasy classic The Whitby Witches or James Nicol's Apprentice Witch series, which has all of the cosiness of Narnia -esque tea and cake in front of roaring fires juxtaposed with magical derring-do.

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For those seeking a snowy fantasy setting, Alex Bell's The Polar Bear Explorer's Club provides the strong female lead that Narnia 's Lucy might have become in other circumstances, and a journey to the mysterious Icelands for Stella Snowflake Pearl and her gang of unlikely adventurers. Login in Interlibrary Loan. Search WorldCat. Downloadable Library. Library Events. Events for Adults. Events for Teens. Events for Kids. Average Rating.

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Add a Review. Add To List. More Details. Examines the origins and hidden meanings of the characters and plots within C. Lewis's Narnia series. Also in This Series. Similar Titles From NoveList. Similar Series From NoveList. Similar Authors From NoveList.

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